How freedom and courage are all you need for your happiness new

Happiness is inside you to be discovered

You have the power of happiness inside you to be discovered. Really you have it. This site is to help and encourage you in your journey to freedom from fear and to true happiness.

You have enough of all that living in fear. You suspect that there is more in life than worrying, complaining, be obsessed, be stressed, etc. . You suspect that a different life is possible. Yes! It is possible!

This site is about helping you with that.

Why freedom and courage

Freedom and courage are the inner powers we can grow in our hearth to be happier and happier. Freedom is first of all freedom from fear because until fear runs our life, we aren’t authentically free, our freedom is fake. Courage is what beats fear. This is true for the traditional kind of courage, the one needed to face physical dangers, as well as for the one needed to face and dissolve our inner fear, the one which spoils our life.

Courage is what makes us really human

The courage to face our inner fears is what makes us really human, fully born, authentically alive. It makes us true men and true women walking the road of our life with our heads held high.

To discover the power of courage in us is the best discovery we can make in life.

Who are Slaves and Free

Using this site you will find many times the words Slave and Free written in different colours than the other text. The different colours are for you to remember that those words have a special meaning here.

Slaves are slaves of their fear
Free are free from fear

You are here to become a Free.

Becoming a Free, you will get rid of a lot of fears and products of fear

Growing up to become a Free, you will dissolve a lot of fears and products of fear.

Here there are some examples of fear and products of fear you can be free from: judgements, moralism, obsessions, fanaticism, insecurity, destructive power, obsession with control, perfectionism, obsessive rituals, compulsive shopping, compulsive eating, competition, selfishness, compulsive accumulation of power or money, manipulation of yourself or of others, worrying, illusions, persuasion and influence, jealousy, dogmatism, dictatorship, obsession with sticking to a culture or religion or tradition, violence towards yourself of others, punishments and rewards pedagogy, beating children and shouting at them, obsession with finding the exact meaning of a word (bigger problem than it looks like), obsession with social status, groaning and moaning, self-commiseration, cynicism, hate, anger, discipline, convincing and persuading, obsession with belonging and more.

A light life

While you grow up as a Free, your life will become as light as a helium-filled balloon in a summer afternoon.

What is happiness?

Happiness is true inner freedom and absence of fear. It requires courage. [Tweet this]

Fear is a skill

This is the most liberating discovery you will make here. Since fear is a skill you learned, you can learn the opposite skill, the skill of absence of fear, also called happiness.

Do I hate Slaves?

Slaves make a lot of problems: wars, criminality, obsessions, social inequality, social fighting, children abuse, destructive power, fanaticism, moralism, competition, and more.

Do I hate them? Absolutely not. I don’t hate them because when I see a Slave, and I see a lot of them every day, I see in them ex-children who have been taught a lot of fear. How could I ever hate a scared child?


My favoured quote is:

The measure of a civilization is how much absence of fear and how much freedom children enjoy. [Tweet this]


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